Blokh, Isidore Grigorievich

BLOKH, Isidore Grigorievich

BLOKH, ISIDORE GRIGORIEVICH (RU: Блох, Исидор Григорьевич) is the Soviet scientist in the field of mechanization for the peat production, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR (1940). He has graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School (1916). During the 1926-28, he worked at the Institute for the Peat Industry (Instorf); since the 1929, he taught at the Moscow Mining Academy, and later at the Moscow Peat Institute (since the 1940, he was the professor). He has created the scientific school of thought in the field of mechanization for the peat production. He is one of the authors of the machines for the preparation and development of the peat deposits: the elevating machine (1928-29), the hydro-elevating installation (1928-29), the polishing machine of the "Instorf" design (1930-31), the machines for the excavation of the stumpy deposition (1950-52).