Bilibin, Yuriy Aleksandrovich

Bilibin, Yu. A.

BILIBIN, Yuriy Aleksandrovich (RU: Билибин, Юрий Александрович) is the Soviet geologist, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1946). After the graduation from the LGI (Leningrad Mining Institute) (1926) he worked within the "Aldanzoloto" trust and within the Central scientific-research geological-exploratory institute; since the 1934, he worked within the VSEGEI institute; since the 1950, he worked within the Leningrad university named after A. A. Zhdanov. He has created the scientific direction, namely, the regional metallogeny, and has laid the foundations for the maps of metallogeny. He has developed in details the issues on the forming of the placer deposits of gold. He has been awarded with the State Prize of the USSR (1946) for the discovery of the gold-bearing regions at the north-east of the USSR. There have been named after Bilibin the massif of the after-Jurassic erupted rocks within the Aldan region (Yakut ASSR), the bilibinite and bilibinskite minerals, the Bilibino settlement of the urban type (Bilibinsky district) within the Magadan province of the Russian Federation.