"Bethlehem Steel"

Financial-economical indicators of the activity of "Bethlehem Steel"
Indicators 1978 1979 1980
Sales, million dollars 6184.9 7137.2 6473.0
Assets, million dollars 4933.2 5165.9 5206.8
Net profit, million dollars 225.1 275.7 121.0
    iron ore, million tonnes 14.5 17.8 -
    coal, million tonnes 10.1 13.4 12.0
    limestone, million tonnes 9.6 9.3 -
Production of steel, million tonnes 18.8 19.4 15.0

"BETHLEHEM STEEL" (EN: "Bethlehem Steel Corp."; RU: "Бетлехем Стил") is the USA's steel smelting monopoly. It has been founded during the 1919 within the Delaware state. It holds the 41-st place within the list of the largest USA's industrial monopolies (1980). It has its own, and also according to the rights of the shared participation, deposits of the iron and manganese ores, coal, limestone, rutile, bentonite. The reserves of the iron ore with the high content of iron are 172 million tonnes (mainly Canada, Liberia, Brazil), the reserves of the ore with the low content of iron are 862 million tonnes (in terms of concentrate). The reserves of the manganese ores are 4 million tonnes (Brazil, the deposits of Ma'sara and Agar), of coal are 1082 million tonnes (USA, within the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas states), of limestone are 2200 million tonnes (USA, within the Pennsylvania, Michigan states; Canada, within the Ontario province), of rutile are 2 million tonnes (in terms of concentrate, Sierra Leone), of bentonite are 10 million tonnes (USA, within the Wyoming state). See the table. During the 1980, the quantity of the employees at the enterprises of the "Bethlehem Steel" corporation has totalled 89.2 thousand persons.