Betekhtin, Anatoly Georgievich

BETEKHTIN, Anatoly Georgievich

BETEKHTIN, Anatoly Georgievich (RU: Бетехтин, Анатолий Георгиевич) is the Soviet geologist, mineralogist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (since the 1953; corresponding member since the 1946). He has graduated from the LGI (RU: ЛГИ; EN: Leningrad Mining Institute) (1924). Since the 1929, he was the associate professor, and since the 1937, he was the professor of this Institute, where he has created the educational course of the mineralography. During the 1937-62, he worked within the IGEM Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Betekhtin associated the researches of the ores with the study of their textures, structures, and parageneses of minerals, on the basis of the laws of the physical chemistry and of the crystal chemistry. He has identified the regular facial change within the manganese-carrying sediments, and has developed the theory for the forming of the sedimentary manganese ores (for this work, he has been awarded during the 1947 with the State Prize of the USSR). He has been awarded with the Lenin Prize (1958) for the researches of the hydrothermal solutions, of their nature, and of the processes of mineralization. There has been named after Betekhtin the betekhtinite mineral.