Beshtentyakskoe field

BESHTENTYAKSKOE PETROLEUM AND GAS CONDENSATE FIELD (RU: Бештентякское месторождение нефтегазоконденсатное) is situated within the Tajik SSR, at the distance of 60 kilometres from the Dushanbe city to the south-east. It belongs to the Surkhan Vakhsh petroleum-and-gas-bearing province. It has been discovered during the 1972, the experimental development was performed since the 1973. It is confined to the narrow anticlinal fold, which is complicated by the longitudinal tectonic disturbances. It is located within the limits of the Kulyab megasyncline.

There has been identified the petroleum reservoir within the sediments of the Paleocene. The reservoir is layered vaulted, tectonically screened. The depth of the reservoir within the vault is 1760 metres. The effective thickness is up to 80 metres. The gas-petroleum contact is at the depth of 784 metres, the water-petroleum contact is at the depth of 985 metres. The collector is porous-cracked (the limestones of the Bukhara layers), the porosity is 8%, the permeability is 20 millidarcies. The initial layer pressure is 27 megapascals, the temperature is 78 degrees Celsius. The petroleum contains 0.7% of sulfur, 4.23% of paraffin wax. The density of petroleum is 858 kilograms per cubic metre. The composition of gas (%) is: CH4 is 79.7; C2H6 + B is 17.2; CO2 is 1.5; N2 is 1.0. The method for operation is with the usage of fountains.