Benzene resins

BENZENE RESINS (EN: benzene resins; DE: Benzolharze; FR: resines benzeniques, benjoins; ES: resinas de benzol; RU: бензольные смолы) is one of the groups of the asphaltic-resinous substances, which are containing the aromatic hydrocarbons or their derivatives, including the heterocyclic ones.

The benzene resins belong to the composition of the petroleums, organic substances within coals, oil shales, dispersed forms of the organic substances within the rocks. The benzene resins, just like other types of the asphaltic-resinous substances, are extracted for isolation by chloroform, later are adsorbed onto the silica gel or floridin, and yet later are desorbed by benzene.

The elemental composition of the benzene resins (%) is: C - 80-86; H - 8-11; S - 0.5-7; N - 0.5-1; O - 7-11. The benzene resins under the normal conditions are the semi-liquid or solid substances, of the yellow-orange to the dark brown colour, well soluble within the organic solvents (except the alcohols). Unlike the alcohol-benzene resins, there is there the lesser content of the heteroelements, of the saponifiable components, the greater concentration of the aromatic compounds.