Belle Ayr

BELLE AYR (EN: Belle Ayr; RU: Бель-Эйр) is the large open pit coal mine within the Wyoming state, USA. It is situated within the limits of the Powder river coal basin (the Campbell coal field). The extraction of the coal is performed since the 1965.

The coal-bearing property is confined to the Paleocene (Fort Union) and Eocene (Wasatch) formations with the thickness of 500 and 200 metres respectively. The major working layers (Anderson and Canyon) with the total thickness of up to 40 metres are confined to the Fort Union formation. The overburden rocks with the thickness of 45-60 metres, the linear coefficient of the overburden stripping is 1.46:1. The coal is sub-bituminous, the ash content is 4.4-7.9%, the specific heat of combustion is 18.49-22.52 megajoules per kilogram. The reserves of the coal are 336 million tonnes.

The mining-transport equipment is: at the overburden stripping works, the dragline, single-bucket excavators; at the extraction, the bucket-wheel excavator, single-bucket excavators, bulldozers, and frontal loaders; the transport is the heavy load haul dump trucks. The beneficiation of the coal is performed by the sorting. The extraction of the coal is more than 14.5 million tonnes (1980). The produce is shipped to the consumers (the energetical companies within the western states) with the particle size of up to 50 millimetres. Belle Ayr belongs to the "Amax" company.