Belarus polytechnic institute

BELARUS POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE (RU: Белорусский политехнический институт) of the Ministry for the advanced and secondary special education of the Belarus SSR is situated within the Minsk city. It has been founded during the 1920 on the base of the Minsk polytechnic school (of the college type); it has been reorganized during the 1922 into the Belarus institute for the agriculture; it has been restored during the 1933 as the Belarus polytechnic institute, which has united the Minsk chemical-technological, construction, energetical, peat, and food institutes, and the Goretskiy water-melioration institute.

There belong to the structure of the institute (1981): 16 faculties, including the evening, correspondence, mining-mechanical, and others; the preparatory division; the training-counseling centres within the Minsk, Soligorsk cities; the subsidiary within the Zhodino city, namely, the faculties for the advanced qualification, for the composite materials, and for the social professions; 3 problematic, and 14 sectoral scientific-industrial research laboratories. 93 cathedrae conduct the training of the engineering cadres for 41 specialities. There study within the institute more than 28 thousand students, including 670 persons at the mining-mechanical faculty. The training of the cadres at the latter one is conducted for the specialities: the technology and the comprehensive mechanization for the development of the peat deposits; the peat machines and complex systems. There are published the collections of the works since the 1936. The institute has been awarded with the Order of the Labour Red Banner (1967).