Bazhanov, Vasily Mikhailovich

BAZHANOV, Vasily Mikhailovich (RU: Бажанов, Василий Михайлович) (31.3.1889, Chistopol city - 1939) was the mining engineer, one of the first organizers of the Soviet coal industry. He was the member of the CPSU since the 1910. He has graduated during the 1917 from the Mining institute within the Petrograd city (now the LGI, Leningradskij gornyj institut, Leningrad mining institute, named after G.V.Plekhanov). He was the delegate of the 2nd All-Russia congress of the Soviets (1917). He was since the 1918 the chairman of the collegium of the "Glavugol" main coal administration. During the 20-30-ies, he was on the leading work within the coal industry (Kuzbass, Donbass). He has brought the great contribution into the organization of the mine construction within the Moscow and Karaganda basins, and also into the development of the open pit works within the Chelyabinsk and Kuznetsk basins. He took the active part in the creation of the fatherland mining mechanical engineering, in the development of the 1st and 2nd five-year plans for the development of the coal industry. The name of Bazhanov has been assigned to one of the largest mines within the Donbas and to the street within the Makeyevka city.