Bauman, Vladimir Ivanovich

BAUMAN, Vladimir Ivanovich

BAUMAN, Vladimir Ivanovich (RU: Бауман, Владимир Иванович) is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science. He has graduated during the 1890 from the Petersburg mining institute (now the LGI, Leningrad mining institute, named after G. V. Plekhanov). Since the 1899, he is the professor within the same place at the first within Russia cathedra of the surveying craft. He was one of the most popular and revolutionary-minded professors of this institute.

Under the leadership of Bauman, there has been conducted the governmental triangulation of Donbass (1909-13), on the base of which there has started the transition to the system of coordinates ("The system of coordinates by Bauman"), which is unified for the Donbass. He has developed the geometric classification of postulates, of the displacements of rocks, has introduced the new simple methods for the determination of the reserves of useful minerals, has changed and improved the magnetometric method for the exploration of the magnetic ores, and has initiated the usage of this method within Russia.

The works by Bauman have been used during the development of the first legislations of the Soviet government on the surveying service. According to the initiative of Bauman, there has been established the Institute of the applied geophysics (now the All Union Institute of the explorative geophysics).