BATHOLITHS (frome the Greek words "bathos" (depth) and "lithos" (stone) * EN: batholith, abyssolith, central granite; DE: Batholithen; FR: batholithes; ES: batolitos; RU: батолиты) are the large intrusive bodies (the area is more than 200 square kilometres), which are formed mainly by granitoids, and are embedded amid the sedimentary strata, usually within the cores of anticlinoria.

Batholiths are, as a rule, oriented with their long axis parallel to the strike of the folded structures. The contacts with the country rocks may be conformal and discordant. Batholiths form themselves at the significant depth, and expose themselves as the result of the subsequent denudation. The question of the shape and origin of batholiths is subject to discussion, and has not been resolved conclusively. According to the modern ideas, batholiths emerge above the seismo-focus surfaces, namely, Benioff zones, on the account of the melting of the partly mantle, and partly crustal material.