"BASHNEFT" (RU: "Башнефть") is the productive consortium for the exploration and development of the petroleum and gas fields within the Bashkir ASSR of the Ministry of the petroleum industry of the USSR. It is situated within the Ufa city. It has been created on the base of the "Bashneftekombinat" (has been founded during the 1940), the modern name is used since the 1975. It includes 70 productive units, including 10 petroleum and gas extracting administrations, 9 administrations for the drilling works, 2 geological-prospecting offices, and research institute (1980).

"Bashneft" develops more than 100 petroleum fields (mainly multilayer) and 6 gas fields, which are confined to the terrigenous and carbonatic collectors of the Devonian, Carboniferous, and Permian ages. The major reservoirs are represented by the gentle anticlinal folds. Sometimes the structural shapes of the reservoirs are determined by the deep tectonic deformations of the graben-shaped and horst-shaped types. There have the subordinate significance the reefogenic formations. The fields, as a rule, contact with the boundary and plantar waters of the calcium chloride type. The regime of the reservoirs is the elastic water-pressured, less often of the gassed liquid, with the transition to the gravitational one. Most of the fields are being developed with maintenance of the reservoir pressure (PPD in Russian), using the method of the pumping of the water (more than 94% of the petroleum, which is being extracted).

"Bashneft" has 17 thousand petroleum and injection drilled wells (1980). The annual volume of the operative drilling is 1600 thousand metres, of the explorative drilling is 300 thousand metres (besides this, "Bashneft" conducts the drilling of the wells by the shift-expeditionary method at the fields within the Western Siberia). More than 96% of petroleum is extracted at the comprehensively automated productive petroleum fields. The petroleums are sulfurous and paraffinic. The gas is of the methane type, often with the high content of nitrogen, less often with the impurities of the hydrogen sulfide. The major method for the extraction of the petroleum is mechanized (99%). The system for the collection and transport of the petroleum (gas) is hermetically sealed, with the single pipe. The increasing of the volumes of extraction of petroleum is associated with the searches for the new fields, with the optimization of the density of the network of the drilled wells, with the usage of the forced retrieval of the liquid, and of the methods for the increasing of the petroleum recovery of the layers.

"Bashneft" is known for the labour traditions. Here were introduced the technology for the development of the fields with the water flooding of the layers, the injection of the industrial waste waters for the maintenance of the reservoir pressure, the mass drilling of boreholes by the turbo-drills and electro-drills, the sinking of the drilled wells with the small diameter. The consortium has been awarded with the Orders of Lenin (1966) and Labour Red Banner (1982).