Bashkir institute of the petroleum industry

BASHKIR INSTITUTE OF THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY (BashNIPIneft; RU: БашНИПИнефть, Башкирский институт нефтяной промышленности) of the Ministry of the petroleum industry of the USSR is situated within the Ufa city. It has been created during the 1970 on the base of the Ufa petroleum scientific-researching institute and the Bashkir institute for the design of the petroleum-gas industrial built structures. The major scientific orientation is: the problems within the field of the prospecting, exploration, and petroleum extraction geology, of the development and increasing of the petroleum recovery of the fields, of the technique and technology for the drilling of boreholes, of the extraction of petroleum and gas, of the water flooding, and of the preparation of petroleum; the design and development of the surface built structures for the collection, transportation, and preparation of petroleum, of the facilities for the civil and cultural-servicing construction. There belong to the structure of the institute (1981): 10 scientific and 13 design departments; experimental mechanical workshop; postgraduate institution (full-time and part-time). There are being published the collections of the works (since the 1957).