Bashkir copper-sulfur combined enterprise

The inclined skip hoist

BASHKIR COPPER-SULFUR COMBINED ENTERPRISE (RU: Башкирский медно-серный комбинат) is the ore-mining enterprise for the extraction and beneficiation of the copper ores of the Sibay copper-pyrite deposit. It is situated within the Bashkir ASSR. The construction of the combined enterprise has been started during the 1947 on the base of the deposit, which has been mentioned above, and has been explored during the 1939.

The Bashkir copper-sulfur combined enterprise includes the Sibay ore and limestone open pit mines, beneficiation plant, automobile transport and railway workshops, and other sub-divisions. The major mining-industrial centre is the Sibay city. The Sibay deposit is confined to the western limb of the Magnitogorsk megasynclinorium, and is situated within the eastern part of the Sibay volcanogenic brachyanticline, which is formed by the rocks of the basaltic, and within the central part of the liparite-dacitic complexes. At the east and west, the deposit is bounded respectively by the Eastern and Central faults of the approximately meridional strike, and comprises two parts, namely, the Old and New Sibay.

All ore bodies are of the lenticular shape, are embedded within the liparite-dacitic rocks. Within the southern part of the deposit, within the limits of the New Sibay, there is situated the most thick deposition of the massive ores, which is split along the rise and dip into the five ore lenses; their contact with the country rocks is sharp, the dip is eastern, from the slight one to the steep one. The major components of the ores are the copper, zinc, and sulfur. The ratio of copper to zinc is 1:1.6 on average. The main mineral type of the ores is the copper-zinc one (chalcopyrite-sphalerite-pyrite), the ores of the secondary importance are the sulfur-pyritic ones (pyritic ones) and zinc-pyritic ones (sphalerite-pyritic ones). The deposit is unsealed by the spiral ramp with the width of 17 metres, with the inclination of 8 permille, and with the inclined skip trench. The drainage of the open pit mine is performed with the help of the horizontal underground workings (the horizons at 130, 230, 350 metres), and the vertical through filters (boreholes), which have been drilled to these workings. The development of the deposit is performed from the centre to the boundary of the open pit. The height of the benches is 10 metres.

The open pit of the combined enterprise

The drilling of the boreholes is performed by the roller-cone rigs, the excavation is performed by the excavators, the transportation is performed by the dump trucks. There has been installed at the open pit mine the inclined skip hoist with the load-lifting capacity of up to 40 tonnes. The re-loading aggregate of the skip hoisting installation is situated at the depth of 228 metres from the day light surface.The ore, which has been extracted, is stockpiled at the blending depots, and later is delivered for the beneficiation according to the cyanide-less technology, and according to the scheme of the direct selective flotation, with the obtainment of the copper, zinc, and pyritic concentrates.

At the beneficiation plant, there is organized the recycled water supply (with the volume of the water recycling of 98%), there is performed the mechanical cleaning of the air, which is emitted into the atmosphere. Within the places of the forming of dust and gases, there is used the artificial airing with the help of the ventilation installations, and also the hydraulic dust suppression. The combined enterprise has been awarded with the Order of the Labour Red Banner (1976).