Barsukovskoe mining administration

BARSUKOVSKOE MINING ADMINISTRATION (RU: Барсуковское рудоуправление) is the mining enterprise for the extraction of the fluxing limestones within the Leninskiy district of the Tula province within the Russian Federation.

It belongs to the structure of the "Tsentroruda" productive consortium of the Ministry of the ferrous metallurgy of the USSR. It develops (since the 1931) the Barsukovskoe deposit of the fluxing limestone. There exist on the accounting balance of the Barsukovskoe mining administration the Urusovskoe and Forinskoe deposits of the fluxing limestones, which have been explored. It includes the open pit mine and the crushing-beneficiation plant. The stratum of the limestones (8-42 metres) of the Barsukovskoe deposit is confined to the Oka super-horizon of the Lower Carboniferous; it lays practically horizontally. It is overlain by the loose depositions with the thickness of 3-27 metres. The limestones are cracked, karsted, grainy, and contain (%): CaO - 53-54, MgO - 0.6, S - 0.02-0.07. The deposit comprises three places: there is being developed the Nekrasovskiy one, the Northern and Southern ones have been exhausted.

The development is performed within the open pit mine with the depth of 40-50 metres, with the usage of the blasting works, with three benches with the height of 8-15 metres, with the internal dumping of the waste rock, and with the haulage of the overburden rocks by the automobile transport. The loading of the limestones and overburden rocks is performed by the excavators. The delivery of the limestones into the beneficiation plant is performed by the railway transport. After the crushing, sorting, and washing (excluding the 50-90 millimetres fraction), they are used as the fluxing ones, and for the burning into the lime for the converter production (since the 1975), and the tiny pieces are used for the liming of the soils. The extraction of the limestone is 2370 thousand tonnes, the production of the fluxing limestone is 1690 thousand tonnes, of the limestone powder is 190 thousand tonnes (1981).