Barsukov, Valery Leonidovich

BARSUKOV, Valery Leonidovich

BARSUKOV, Valery Leonidovich (RU: Барсуков, Валерий Леонидович) is the Soviet scientist-geochemist, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1976). He is the member of the CPSU since the 1955. He has graduated during the 1951 from the Moscow geological-exploratory institute named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze. He is the director of the GEOKHI (Institute of geochemistry and analytical chemistry; RU: ГЕОХИ, Институт геохимии и аналитической химии) named after V. I. Vernadsky (since the 1976). He researched the geochemistry of the endogenous tin and boron, the peculiarities of their behaviour within the ore process; based on the discovery by him of the direct dependence between the distribution of the ore-transferring ligands and the value of the underlying resources of the useful components, he has proposed the method for the quantitative, forecasted estimate of the tin mineralization at the depth. During the process of the studying the lunar soil, he has discovered the property of the non-oxidation within the Earth's atmosphere of the ultra-dispersed forms of the simple substances (Fe, Ti, Si), which are located on the surface of the astronomical objects. He is the president of the International association of geochemistry and cosmochemistry (since the 1980).