The bar

BAR (EN: bar, jib; DE: Ausleger; FR: fut, bras; ES: barra, varilla; RU: бар) is the working implement of the cutting, cutting-loading, and loading machines or of the combined cutter-loader mining machine; it is designated for the forming of the cuts (cutted slits), breaking (several bars, which are situated each near another), and bulk loading of the useful minerals onto the stoping conveyor.

The bar comprises (Figure # 1) the endless cutting chain, which is moving within the grooves of the guiding frame. There are fixated onto the links of the chain the cams with the slots for the cutters or loading blades. The cutters are installed into the cams in the fan-like manner, and form the cut with the height from 90 to 150 millimetres. The major types of the chain bars are shown on the Figure # 2.

The main types of bars