Ballasting of pipelines

The weighting loads

BALLASTING OF PIPELINES, surcharging of pipelines (EN: pipelines ballasting; DE: Bettung der Rohrleitungen, Beschotterung; FR: ballastage des conduites, lestage des conduites; ES: embalastado de tuberias; RU: балластировка трубопроводов) is the method for the fixation of pipelines with the help of the weighting loads or concreting during their laying onto the swamped or waterlogged soils.

There is also named the ballasting of the pipelines the process itself of the conducting of the works, which are associated with the installation of the loads and with the concreting of the pipes. They place the weighting loads, namely, saddle-shaped, hinged, with flexible elements, and others (Figure), onto the pipes during the construction of the pipelines (during the flow of the building process), with the help of the pipe-laying machine, swamp excavator, amphibious crane, helicopter. For the the ballasting of pipelines by concreting, they perform the continuous uniform coating of the pipes (the so-called external concrete coating), which is often performed at the stationary base, or they perform the filling of the space between the pipeline and the outer casing by the concrete (the construction of the "pipe within pipe" type). The ballasting of pipelines is performed sometimes during the anchored fixation of pipelines.