Balbachan, Yakov Ivanovich

Balbachan, Ya.I.

BALBACHAN, Yakov Ivanovich (RU: Балбачан, Яков Иванович) is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the Doctor of the technical sciences (1963), the Honoured scientist and engineer of the Russian Federation (1957). He is the member of the CPSU since the 1939. After the graduation from the Far Eastern polytechnic institute (1930), he worked at the mines of the Far East, near-Moscow region, and Vorkuta. Since the 1943, he worked within the Ministry of the coal industry of the USSR (during the 1954-57 as the deputy minister). Since the 1959, he worked within the IGD (Institute of the mining craft) named after A.A.Skochinskiy. He has proposed the mine roof support made of fiberglass. He has been awarded with the State prizes of the USSR, for the development of the method for the deep drainage of the coal deposits (1949), and for the creation of the BCh-1 pneumatic loader for the sinking of the shafts of the mines (1950).