Balance reserves of the useful minerals

BALANCE RESERVES OF THE USEFUL MINERALS (EN: balance reserves of minerals; DE: Bilanzvorrate; FR: reserves de balance des mineraux utiles; ES: balance de las reservas minerales; RU: балансовые запасы полезных ископаемых) is the group of the resources of the useful minerals, the utilization of which is economically feasible with the existing or mastered by the industry advanced technique and technology for the extraction and processing of the raw materials in compliance with the requirements of the legislative acts on the rational utilization of the underground mineral resources and on the protection of the environment. There are included into the group of the balance reserves of the useful minerals the reserves of the A, B, C1 and C2 categories, which are satisfying the requirements of the conditions for the quality, quantity, technological properties of the mineral raw materials, and the mining-technological conditions for the operating of the deposit with taking into account the degree of studying of the deposit and its geographical-economic conditions.