Baku petroleum-and-gas-bearing region

BAKU PETROLEUM-AND-GAS-BEARING REGION (RU: Бакинский нефтегазоносный район) is the economic region for the extraction of petroleum and gas, which is situated on the Absheron peninsula with the adjacent water area of the Caspian sea, within the Azerbaijanian SSR. The industrial development has started during the 2nd half of the 19th century, and till the 1951, it held the 1st place within the USSR in the extraction of petroleum. The petroleum and gas fields (more than 30 of them) are enclosed within the layers of the sands and sandstones of the Neogene and Paleogene ages, which are crumpled into the complicated folds (brachyanticlines), which are often complicated by the diapirs. The depositions of petroleum and gas are distributed to the depth of 4500 metres.

Within the Baku petroleum-and-gas-bearing region, there has been organized for the first time within the USSR the development of the petroleum on the water area. During the total time of the development (till the 1979), there has been extracted more than 1 billion tonnes of petroleum. The major fields are the "Neftyanye kamni", Bakharskoe field, Sangachaly-sea, Bibi-Heybat, Surakhani, Balakhany-Saboontchy-Romany, Binagady, Kara-Chukhur, Lok-Batan, Artem's island, Karadag (see the "South Caspian petroleum-and-gas-bearing province" article).