Bakhurin, Ivan Mikhailovich

BAKHURIN, Ivan Mikhailovich

BAKHURIN, Ivan Mikhailovich (RU: Бахурин, Иван Михайлович) is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939). He has graduated during the 1909 from the Petersburg mining institute (now the LGI, Leningrad mining institute, named after G. V. Plekhanov), where he managed during the 1923-40 the cathedra of the mine surveying craft.

He has developed the theory for the interpretation of the data from the magnetic exploration, and the methods for the magnetic micro-imagery for the mine surveying purposes, and also the theory for the equalization of the mine surveying networks, for the estimation of the precision of the mine surveying imageries and of the errors of measurement. He has created the foundations for the study of the process of the sliding of the earth's surface under the influence of the mining works. There has been organized according to the initiative of Bakhurin (1932) the Central researching mine surveying bureau (later the VNIMI institute), the scientific director of which he was till the end of his life.