Bakhmutskiy, Alexey Ivanovich

BAKHMUTSKIY, Alexey Ivanovich

BAKHMUTSKIY, Alexey Ivanovich (RU: Бахмутский, Алексей Иванович) is the Soviet inventor of the first within the world industrial sample of the combined cutting-loading coal extracting machine. During the 1905-14 and 1919-39, he worked at the mines of Donbass (since the 1924, he was the chief mechanic of the Pervomaiskoe mining administration). The practical usage of the combined cutting-loading machine by Bakhmutskiy has started during the 30-ies. The constructive solutions, which have been proposed by Bakhmutskiy, later have found the usage within many types of the Soviet combined cutting-loading machines. Bakhmutskiy has perished within the mine during the testing of the combined cutting-loading machine.