Letter "B"

Bismuth ores

BISMUTH ORES are the natural mineral formations, which are containing bismuth in such quantities, with which there is economically expedient its extraction using the modern methods for the production.

Blowout of petroleum and gas

BLOWOUT OF PETROLEUM AND GAS is the sudden spontaneous outflowing of the petroleum and (or) gas from the borehole during the process of the drilling.

Bulk-loading kerf machine

BULK-LOADING KERF MACHINE is the mining machine, which is purposed for the creation of the kerf (kerf slot) within the seam of the coal, and for the subsequent mechanical loading of the coal, which has been broken from the massif, onto the stope conveyor.


BISMUTHINITE, bismuth glance is the mineral of the subclass of the simple sulfides, Bi2S3.


BISMUTH, Bi is the chemical element of the group V of the Periodic System of Dmitry Mendeleev, the atomic number is 83, the atomic mass is 208.980.

Blasting-hydraulic breaking

BLASTING-HYDRAULIC BREAKING is the destruction of the near-stope part of the massif, which has been preliminarily weakened using the explosion, using the hydromonitor jets of the water.

Blasting works

BLASTING WORKS is the totality of the operations for the preparation and initiating of the charges of the explosive substance.

Blasting circuit

BLASTING CIRCUIT  is the combination of the means for the blasting, and of the special connecting elements (electric wires, detonating cord, and so on), which are connecting the means for the blasting each with others...

Blast wave

BLAST WAVE is the process of the short-time disturbance of the balanced state of the medium (gaseous, liquid, or solid), which is propagating from the explosive source; it is the special case of the shock wave.


BLASTABILITY of the rocks is the resistance of the rocks against the destruction under the action from the explosion of the charge of the explosive substance.

Bog peat

BOG PEAT is the genetic type of the peat, within the botanical composition of which, there is contained at least 95% of the residues of the oligotrophic plants (not including the humus).


BOULDERS are the large rounded fragments and blocks of the rocks, which are having the dimensions from 10 to 100 centimetres.

Boulder clay

BOULDER CLAY is the clay of the glacial origin, which represents by itself the mixture with the clays, aleurite, sand, gravel, debris and boulders of the rocks with the different sizes.

Bulk excavation

BULK EXCAVATION is the method for the extraction of the solid useful mineral throughout such thickness of the layer, of the vein, and so on, for which there are providing the parameters of the excavating-loading equipment...


BUTTE is the largest deposit of copper of the veinous type within the world. The deposit is situated within the south-western part of the Montana state (USA). The deposit is operated since the 1882.

Bushveld Igneous Complex

BUSHVELD IGNEOUS COMPLEX is the largest layered pluton on the Earth, the Complex has been formed with the ore-bearing rocks, and is covering the area of 67 thousand square kilometres.

Boucharde (bush hammer) machine tool

BOUCHARDE (BUSH HAMMER) MACHINE TOOL is the installation for the processing of the stone by the method of the chipping with the executive body in the form of the jackhammer with the boucharde (bush hammer).

Boucharde (bush hammer)

BOUCHARDE (BUSH HAMMER) is the tool in the form of the steel hammer with the serrated working surface, which is purposed for the percussive processing of the stone using the method of the chipping.

Buffer volume of gas

BUFFER VOLUME OF GAS is the volume of the gas, which, during the normal cyclical operation, remains within the underground gas storage facility by the end of the process of the retrieval.

Buffer blasting

BUFFER BLASTING is the method for the blasted breaking, in case of which they preserve the portion of the rock (buffer), which has been shattered by the previous explosion, before the stope, which should be blasted.

Buffer fluid

BUFFER FLUID is used for the drilling, mainly for the prevention of the mixing between the drilling and plugging fluids, and for the cleaning of the walls within the boreholes.

Buriak, Ivan Makarovich

BURIAK, IVAN MAKAROVICH is the Soviet miner, the initiator of the introduction of the combined method for the drilling of the blasting boreholes at the iron-ore underground mines, the Hero of the Socialist Labour (1958).

Brown coal

BROWN COAL is the combustible useful mineral of the plant origin, with the low degree of coalification, the transitional form from the peat to the mineral coal.


BURSITIS (from the Late Latin word "bursa", which means "bag") is the disease, which is associated with the inflammation of the mucous sacs prevalently within the region of the joints.

"British Petroleum"

"BRITISH PETROLEUM" ("British Petroleum" corporation) is the petroleum, gas, and petrochemical transnational monopoly of the Great Britain; 46% of the stock capital belong to the government.


BRILLIANT is the faceted diamond of the jewellery quality; abroad, they understand as the brilliant the diamond, which is having the brilliant faceting.


BRAZIL, Federative Republic of Brazil is the country within the South America, which is occupying the eastern and central parts of the mainland.


BOTSWANA, the Republic of Botswana, is the country at the south of the Africa continent. It is the member of the Commonwealth (British).


BOLIVIA, the Republic of Bolivia, is the country within the central part of the South America.


BULGARIA, the People's Republic of Bulgaria (Narodna Republika Bulgaria) is the state within the south-eastern Europe, within the eastern part of the Balkan peninsula.


BURMA, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Pyidaunzu Thanmăda Myăma Nainngandaw) is the country within the South-Eastern Asia.


BIOSPHERE is the global self-regulating open system, which is enclosing and transforming the material of the significant part of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, thanks to the past and modern activity of the living organisms.

"Bethlehem Steel"

"BETHLEHEM STEEL" is the USA's steel smelting monopoly. It has been founded during the 1919 within the Delaware state.


BELGIUM, the Kingdom of Belgium is the state within the Western Europe. It borders France to the south-west, Netherlands to the north, West Germany and Luxembourg to the east.

Byelorussian Soviet Socialistic Republic

BYELORUSSIAN SOVIET SOCIALISTIC REPUBLIC, Belarus, borders Poland to the west, the Lithuanian SSR to the north-west, the Latvian SSR to the north, the Russian Federation to the north, north-east, and east, the Ukrainian SSR to the south.

Bar-type stone-cutting machine

BAR-TYPE STONE-CUTTING MACHINE is the extracting machine with the working implement in the form of the bar for the cutting of the blocks or monoliths from the massif.


BOREHOLE is the mine working with the prevalently circular cross section (the diameter is 59-1000 millimetres), which is formed as the result of the drilling.

Burov, Aleksandr Petrovich

BUROV, Alexander Petrovich is the Soviet geologist, one of the creators of the raw materials base for the Soviet diamond-extracting industry.


BOURNONITE (from the name of the French mineralogist J. L. Bournon), the wheel ore, is the mineral of the class of the complex sulfides (sulfosalts), CuPbSbS3.

Bureinsk coal basin

BUREINSK COAL BASIN is located within the Khabarovsk territory of the Russian Federation. The area is 6000 square kilometres.

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