TNT/Al, Tritonal, Alumotol

ALUMOTOL (EN: alumotrinitrotoluene; DE: Alumotol; FR: alumotrinitrotoluene; ES: alumotolita; RU: алюмотол) is the explosive substance, which is the mixture of trotyl with aluminium. It is manufactured by the method of the aqueous granulation of the suspension of the aluminium powder within the molten trotyl. It is produced since 1961.

It is intended for the blasting of the watered strong rocks only on the daylight surface. It does not change the explosive characteristics within the water, including the flowing one. It is suitable for the blasting under water at the great depths. It is not recommended to use it within the dry boreholes due to the release of the large quantity of the toxic carbon monoxide during the explosion. It has the great deficiency of oxygen. During the blasting within the aqueous medium, the quantity of the carbon monoxide within the products decreases itself, and the heat of the explosion increases itself per the unit of the mass of the dry substance. In granular form, it is poorly sensitive to the mechanical impacts.

The mechanized methods of transportation and loading are acceptable, during which they obligatorily moisten alumotol with water in order to avoid the accumulation of the static electricity. The warranty period of the usage is 2 years.