The aquifer system

AQUIFER SYSTEM (EN: waterbearing system; DE: wasserfuhrender Komplex; FR: complexe aquifere; ES: complejo acuifero; RU: водоносный комплекс) is the totality of the aquifers or aquiferous zones, which are confined to the stratum of the determined age. The aquifer system is usually characterized by the regular change in the chemical composition of the underground waters along the strike and dip of the system, and by the inhomogeneity of the filtration properties of the rocks. They usually distinguish the aquifer system, when it is deemed not possible to outline the well-ordered aquifers (the unsufficient hydrogeological knowledge, the rapid change of the facies-lithological composition, the complicated tectonic structure, and so on), for example, in case of the exploration of the coal deposits, which are characterized by facies-lithological variability of the rocks, and in case of the small-scale or general description of the region. The existence of the hydraulic links within the limits of the aquifer system complicates the drainage of the water-bearing rocks, and increases the duration of the drying works at the underground mines and within the open-pit mines.