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Abakan iron ore deposit

Abakan iron ore deposit is located in the Republic of Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russian Federation, in the north eastern spurs of the Western Sayan mountains.

ABIKH Wilhelm Hermann

ABIKH (Abich) Wilhelm Hermann (German Vilgelmovich, sometimes Vasilievich) was the geologist, the explorer of the Caucasus, the academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1853).


ABYSSAL DEPOSITS are the deep sea deposits, occupying about 90% of the area of the world ocean floor. These deposits lay mostly at the depth of over 3 kilometres.

ABDULLAEV Habib Muhammedovich

ABDULLAEV, Habib Muhammedovich, (born August 31, 1912 in the Aravan settlement, now in the Osh region of the Kyrgyz SSR, died June 20, 1962 in Tashkent), was the soviet geologist, the functionary of the government and the party...

ABDULIN Aytmuhamed Abdullaevich

ABDULIN, Aytmuhamed Abdullaevich, is the soviet geologist, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (since 1979, and the corresponding member since 1975)

ABASOV Mitat Teymur

ABASOV, Mitat Teymur oglu, the soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR (since 1980, the corresponding member since 1968).

ABAKUMOV Egor Trofimovich

ABAKUMOV, Egor Trofimovich, was the mining engineer, one of the creators of the Soviet coal industry. He has been born on March 5, 1895 in Donetsk, and died on October 30, 1953 in Moscow.


AA-LAVA, from ʻaʻā in Hawaiian language, the type of the lava stream, which has been torn into the separate parts (blocks) with rough clinkery dross at the surface.


ARCHER is the mercury deposit within the USA, see the "New Idria" article.

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