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Amperometric titration

AMPEROMETRIC TITRATION is one of the titrimetric methods of the analysis of substances.

Aggregated roof support equipment

AGGREGATED ROOF SUPPORT EQUIPMENT is the mechanized roof support equipment of the (longwall) clearing mining workings, which comprises the kinematically linked together individual elements (sections).

Ayat iron ore basin

AYAT IRON ORE BASIN is situated within the Kustanai province of the Kazakh SSR, at the distance of 20 kilometres from the Tobol railway station to the north.

Aerial electromagnetic exploration

AERIAL ELECTROMAGNETIC EXPLORATION is one of the directions of the aerial geophysical exploration, which is based on the research of the natural or artificially created electromagnetic fields with the help of the equipment, which has been installed on the aeroplane or helicopter.

Aerial photographic topographic survey

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY is the method for the creation of the topographic plans and maps, and for the obtainment of the numerical characteristics of the terrain (profiles, digital models, and so on) with the usage of the aerial photographs.

Aerial photographic survey

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY is the remote method for the studying of the Earth's surface by the way of the photographing within the various ranges of the optical spectrum from the aeroplane or other aircrafts.


AERO-FLOCCULE is the aggregate, which is consisting of the solid particles and the bubbles of the air (or any gas).

Aerial survey

AERIAL SURVEY is the remote method for the study of the objects of the Earth's surface within the various ranges of the spectrum of the electromagnetic waves from the aeroplane or other aircrafts.


AEROMETHODS see the "Remote methods" article.

Aerial magnetic survey

AERIAL MAGNETIC SURVEY is the method for the measurement of the intensity of the geomagnetic field from the aeroplane or helicopter; it is conducted for the tectonic zonation, geological mapping, searches for the deposits of the useful minerals.


AEROLOGY for the mining craft (from the Greek words "aer" (air) and "logos" (word, teaching)) is the branch of the mining science, which is studying the properties of the atmosphere within the mines and quarries...


AEROSOL are the solid or liquid particles, which are suspended within the gaseous medium; they exist within the atmosphere of the mines, quarries, beneficiation plants.

Aerodynamic resistance of the mine working

AERODYNAMIC RESISTANCE OF THE MINE WORKING is the counteraction to the movement of the air through the mine workings; it forms itself of the resistance of the friction, frontal and local resistances.

Aerial geophisical exploration

AERIAL GEOPHYSICAL EXPLORATION, aerial geophysical survey is the set of the methods for the measurement of the natural or artificially excited physical fields of the Earth by the equipment...

Aerial gamma-ray survey

AERIAL GAMMA-RAY SURVEY is the method for the measurement from the air of the intensity of the gamma radiation of the radioactive rocks.


AERATION (from the Greek word "aer" (air)) is the controlled air exchange or saturation of the liquids with air.


ASCHARITE (named after the place of the finding near the Aschersleben city, within the East Germany), szaibelyite, is the mineral of the class of borates, Mg2(OH)[V2O4(OH)].


ASHANTI is the deposit of gold within Ghana. It was being developed during the ancient times, the developments have been started again during the 1905.

Achisay polymetallic combined enterprise

ACHISAY POLYMETALLIC COMBINED ENTERPRISE named after the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution is the mining-ore enterprise for the extraction and beneficiation of the polymetallic ores at the south of the Shymkent province of the Kazakh SSR.

Akhmedsafin, Ufa Mendbaevich

AKHMEDSAFIN, Ufa Mendbaevich is the Soviet geologist, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (since the 1954), the Hero of Socialist Labour (1969).

Akhmedov, Hasan Abdul Ali oglu

AKHMEDOV, Hasan Abdul Ali oglu is the Soviet geologist, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR (since the 1967; the corresponding member since the 1962).


AHWAZ  is the oil field within Iran, one of the largest ones within the world. It belongs to the Persian Gulf oil-and-gas-bearing basin.

Affine projections

AFFINE PROJECTIONS is the three-dimensional image of the object, which has been obtained by the method of the parallel projection of the plane with the figure, which is depicted on this plane, onto another plane, which is positioned under the certain angle.

African tectonic plate

AFRICAN TECTONIC PLATE, African-Arabian tectonic plate, is one of the most ancient (pre-Cambrian) tectonically stable structures of the Earth's crust...

Afanasievskiy open pit mine

AFANASIEVSKIY OPEN PIT MINE is the mining enterprise for the development of the Afanasievskoe deposit of the carbonatic rocks...

Attic folding

ATTIC FOLDING, see the "Alpine folding" article.

Attestation commission within the USSR

ATTESTATION COMMISSION WITHIN THE USSR performs the evaluation of the activities of the white-collar workers, and of their compliance with the occupied job position.

Atomic fluorescence analysis of the substance

ATOMIC FLUORESCENCE ANALYSIS OF THE SUBSTANCE is the method of the quantitative elemental analysis with the help of the atomic spectra of the fluorescence.

Atomic-absorption analysis of the substance

ATOMIC-ABSORPTION ANALYSIS OF THE SUBSTANCE is the method of the quantitative determination of the elemental composition of the substance, which is being researched, according to the atomic absorption spectra...

Atmophile elements

ATMOPHILE ELEMENTS is the group of the chemical elements, which has been distinguished on the basis of the predominant role of their gaseous compounds during the geochemical processes...

Atlantic folded geosynclinal belt

ATLANTIC FOLDED GEOSYNCLINAL BELT is the Late pre-Cambrian - Paleozoic mobile belt, which is framing the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic Ocean

ATLANTIC OCEAN (the Latin name is "Mare Atlanticum", the Greek name is "Atlantís", it designated originally the space between the Strait of Gibraltar and the Canary Islands...

Atasu iron ore region

ATASU IRON ORE REGION is situated within the Dzhezkazgan province of the Kazakhstan SSR.

Atasu deposits

ATASU DEPOSITS, polymetallic, see the "Zhairemskiy mining-beneficiation combined enterprise" article.


ATHABASCA (Athabaska) is the deposit of the bituminous sands within Canada, within the Alberta province, at the headwaters of the Athabasca river.

Asphaltic rocks

ASPHALTIC ROCKS are the natural formations, most often sandstones, limestones, dolomites, which are containing asphalt within the pores or cavities and cracks.


ASPHALTITES are one of the groups of the hard natural bitumens, derivatives of oil, which are forming as the result of its changes at the surface of the Earth, or at the shallow depths.


ASPHALTENES are the asphaltic-pitchy oxygenic components of the asphalts, asphaltites, oils, bitumens (bitumoids), dispersed organic matter of rocks.


ASPHALT (from the Greek word "asphaltos" (mountainous pitch)) is the hard or viscous natural substance of almost black colour.

Asturian mineral coal basin

ASTURIAN MINERAL COAL BASIN is the largest coal basin within Spain. It is situated within the northern and central parts of the Oviedo province.

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