"AZNEFT" (RU: Азнефть) is the productive consortium of the Ministry of the Oil Industry of the USSR on the exploration and development of the oil and gas fields on the land in the Azerbaijan SSR. It is located in the Baku city. It has been created in 1920 ("Azneftekom").

Until 1946, and in 1954-59, it integrated the oil extracting industry, oil processing industry, and the oil engineering. In 1970, the "Kaspmorneftegazprom" productive consortium has detached itself from the "Azneft" productive consortium.

The "Azneft" comprises (1981) 13 productive units and 48 independent enterprises. It develops 35 multilayered oil and gas fields at the Apsheron peninsula in the Ali-Bayramli, Divichi, Neftchala, Salyan and Imishli districts of the Azerbaijan SSR. The oil and gas reservoirs, which are developed, are confined to the terrigenous, terrigenous-carbonate, and volcanogenic collectors in the context of the Meso-Cenozoic sediments, which are forming the anticlinal folds in the depressional oil and gas basins. They have the contact with the boundary and plantar waters of the sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride types. The mode of the reservoirs is water pressurized, carbonated liquid, and sometimes gravitational.

The major process of the extraction of the oil is the deep pumping one (94%). The system of the collection and transport of oil is closed. There are identified the 30,700 wells, including the 10,900 active ones (1981). The annual volume of the exploitation drilling is 300,000 metres, of the exploratory drilling is 120,000 metres. Up to the 1981, there have been extracted 886 million tonnes of oil (together with the gas condensate) and 120 billion cubic metres of gas. The oils are of the high quality: gasoline, oily, sweet, with the low content of the sulfur and of the paraffin wax. The increase of the volumes of the extraction of the oil is associated with the usage of the artificial methods of the impact on the oil layers (including the flooding), terminal and physical-chemical methods of the increasing of the oil recovery of the layers, the development of the underground mining and the open pit mining methods of the development, as well as the search for the new fields (reservoirs) in the sediments of the Mesozoic, Paleogene, Miocene, and middle Pliocene.

The "Azneft" has the labour traditions: there have been introduced the rod driven deep pumps of the proprietary design, the gaseous lifting method of the exploitation of the wells, the turbine driven and the electric drilling, the drilling of the inclined wells, the methods of the flooding of the exhausted reservoirs, the communal-separate exploitation of the two or more layers by the one well, the system of the development of the multilayer fields (from the bottom up). The consortium has been awarded with the Order of Lenin (1931).