AUTOADHESION (from the Greek word "autos" meaning self and the Latin word "adhaesio" meaning sticking; * EN: autoadhesion, DE: Autohasion; FR: autoadhesion; ES: autoadhesion; RU: автогезия) the sticking of the contact surfaces of the volumes of the different substances, occuring as the result of the intermolecular interactions and the diffusion of the molecules from one volume to another. The strength of the bond increases with the passage of the time.

The adhesion is measured by the work of the separation of the objects per the unit of the area of the surface of the contact.

The adhesion lays in the basis of the measures for the combat against the dust at the time of the treatment of the surface of the ledges of the open pits, roads, waste dumps, and tailings by the binder substances (oil, bitumen, polyacrylamide, sulfite-alcohol waste of the alcohol production, etc.). It also influences the work of the baghouses: on the one hand, increasing the efficiency of the capture of the dust, and on the other hand, it causes the increase of the (drag) aerodynamic resistance, the failure of the regeneration, the decrease of the longevity of the sleeves due to the cementation of the dust on their surface.