Assonov, Vasiliy Andreyevich

ASSONOV, Vasiliy Andreyevich (RU: Ассонов, Василий Андреевич) isAssonov, Vasiliy Andreyevich the Soviet scientist in the field of the blasting craft. He has graduated from the Chemical Institute within Germany (1912). Since 1919, he directed the usage of the explosive substances within the national economy.

Under the leadership of Assonov, there have been developed the safety explosive substances (1945-50), compressed ammonites (1950), the measures for the fight against the toxic gases (1938-52). According to the initiative of Assonov, there has been created (1952) the inter-departmental commission on the blasting craft. He is the author of the (first within the USSR) textbook on the blasting works for the mining highest educational establishments (1948).