ASPIRATOR (from the Latin word "aspiro" (inhale, exhale) * EN: aspirator; DE: Aspirator, Aspirateur, Aspirationsgerat; FR: aspirateur, epurateur; ES: aspirador; RU: аспиратор) is the device for the collecting of the samples of the air for the purpose of the analysis of the impurities, which are contained within it; the action is based on the suction of the air from the productive indoor space, the passage of it through the filter or chemical absorbent, with the subsequent determination of the quantity of the impurities (in terms of milligrams per cubic metre), and thus, of the degree of its contamination. Within the underground mine workings, where are presented to the equipment the requirements of the spark-explosive safety, they use the portable aspirators of the ejector type with autonomous power supply, while within the workings, where these requirements do not exist, the portable rotary blowers with the motor, which is working on the rechargeable batteries (for example, the PPO-K1 sample collector), and within the productive indoor spaces with usual conditions, the network aspirators (for example, the 822 model).