ASPHALTITES (EN: asphaltites; DE: Asphaltite; FR: asphaltites; ES: asfaltitas; RU: асфальтиты) are one of the groups of the hard natural bitumens, derivatives of oil, which are forming as the result of its changes at the surface of the Earth, or at the shallow depths. They may be found in the form of veins and layered depositions.

Asphaltites may be dissolved within benzene, chloroform, carbon disulfide. The elemental composition (%) is: C - 76-86, H - 8-12, S - 0.25-9, N - 0.3-1.8, O - 2-9. It is characteristic the high content of asphaltenes (70%), and relatively low content of oils (up to 30%). Among the asphaltites, they distinguish gilsonites (the density is 1050-1150 kilograms per cubic metre, the temperature of the melting point is 100-200 degrees Celsius), and more high-molecular grahamites (the density is 1150-1200 kilograms per cubic metre, they melt with decomposition at the temperature of 200-300 degrees Celsius).