ASPHALTENES (EN: asphaltenes; DE: Asphaltene; FR: asphaltenes; ES: asfaltenos; RU: асфальтены) are the asphaltic-pitchy oxygenic components of the asphalts, asphaltites, oils, bitumens (bitumoids), dispersed organic matter of rocks. They are soluble within chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, benzene; are precipitated from the solutions with the help of the light petroleum ether. The elemental composition (%) is: C - 73-87, H - 6-9, S - 0.5-8, N - 0.5-2, O - 4-12. The density is 1140 kilograms per cubic metre. During the heating to more than 300 degrees Celsius, they decompose with the formation of coke and release of gases.