ASBOLAN (from the Greek word "asbolos" (soot, carbon black) according to the colour and external appearance of the emissions * EN: asbolan; DE: Asbolan, Asbolit; FR: asbolite, asbolane; ES: asbolana; RU: асболан) is the mineral, the hydrous oxide of manganese, cobalt and nickel, of the varying composition; cobaltous wad (Co, Ni)O • MnO2 • nH2O. The content is: CoO from 1% to 19% and even 32%, NiO up to 11%, often also up to several % of CuO. The impurities are: V, Zn. It is mainly amorphous. It forms the sooty, powdery, earthy masses, and the finely porous flowstone aggregates. The colour is black with the bluish tint. The streak is black, matte. The hardness is 1 (apparent); it leaves the trace on the hands. The actual hardness is 4-5. The density is 3400 ± 300 kilograms per cubic metre. It is supergene. It may be found mainly within the small clusters within the weathering crust of the nickel-bearing serpentinites (the New Caledonia islands, within the USSR - Urals). It is the potential cobalt ore.