ASBESTOSIS (EN: asbestosis; DE: Asbestose; FR: asbestose; ES: asbestosis; RU: асбестоз) is the chronic occupational desease of the organs of respiration, which develops during the prolonged inhalation of the dust of asbestos.

Asbestosis belongs to the group of the (pneumoconioses) pneumoconiosis deseases, which are called the (silicatoses) silicatosis deseases. The patients of asbestosis complain of cough, shortness of breath, chest pains, general weakness, sometimes loss of appetite and weight. There are characteristic for asbestosis the diffuse outgrowth of the connective tissue within the organs of respiration, and the weak expressivity of the nodular changes. Asbestosis is often complicated by the chronic bronchitis. Sometimes there is expressed the respiratory failure. Under the impact of the certain grades of asbestos, the disease may proceed in the form of the damage of pleura.

There has essential significance in the development of asbestosis the increasing of reactivity of organism, which is associated with adolescent age, endurance of diseases, especially infectious ones, systematic overwork, and so on. The measures for the prevention of asbestosis disease are directed at the decreasing of the dust formation and capturing of the dust, which has penetrated into the production atmosphere (drilling with washing, dry dust capturing, spraying during the work of the combined cutter-loader machines and plows, and during the conducting of the loading-unloading works, rational ventilation of the mine workings, and so on).

The major medical-preventive measures are: preliminary medical inspections for the purpose of professional selection and further medical observation, periodic inspections, which enable to identify the starting signs of the impact of the dust on organism, and undertake the necessary measures for the preventive effect (alkaline inhalations, ultraviolet irradiation, vitaminization, breathing exercises, and so on). The workers, who are engaged in the extraction and processing of asbestos, have the decreased working day, additional leave for leisure, and so on.