"Artemugol" (RU: "Артемуголь") is the productive consortium for the extraction of coal within the Donetsk province of the Ukrainian SSR. It has been established in the 1976. It includes 15 underground mines, mine administrations, mine construction administrations, and so on.

The major industrial centres are the Gorlovka city (the administrative centre of the "Artemugol"), and the Dzerzhinsk city. The coal layers are confined to the main anticline of the Donetsk basin, and are located within the western part of the Central coal-bearing region. Each mine develops 10-26 steeply dipping (45-65 degrees) coal layers, which are belonging to the middle part of the Carboniferous. The coal layers are mainly thin (0.5-1.3 metres; 90% of the reserves), and of the average thickness (1.3-2.5 metres).

The complicated tectonic conditions of the embedment, and the great depths of the development (700-1000 metres) cause the low stability of the coal-containing rocks, and the great intensity of the gas manifestations (approximately 60%). The layers, which are being developed, are prone to manifestations of the sudden outbursts of coal and gas (at the depth of more than 700 metres there occur the outbursts within the sandstones). The mine fields are unsealed with the centrally situated vertical shafts, and with the horizontal level crosscuts. The extraction of the coal within the long wall stopes is performed with the jackhammers (66%), and with the mechanized method (34%).

They use the combined cutter-loader machines for the extraction, powered roof supports, shield aggregates. The coal is transported within the retreat mining stopes with its own force of gravity, and there is used within the horizontal workings the electrical locomotive hauling. They use the coals, which are extracted, of the Zh, K, OS marks for the coking (92.1%), and the coals of the G and T marks for the energetical needs (7.9%). Many large mines of the "Artemugol" have been established during the 60-70-ies of the 19th century ("Kochegarka", named after V.I.Lenin, named after Artem, named after F.E.Dzerzhinsky, named after K.E.Voroshilov), and develop coal layers at the depth of 900-1000 metres. The capital mining works are conducted at the depth of 1100-1200 metres. It is expected to increase the extraction of the coal on the account of the development of the deep horizons (1700-1800 metres and more) of the active mines. There has been born during the 30-ies at the oldest "Kochegarka" mine of the Gorlovka city the Izotovskoe popular movement, which has played the great role for the development of the coal industry of the country. The collectives of the workers and the advanced workers of many mines are the starters of the advanced methods of the extraction of coal: the initiative of V.I.Dovbish (the mine named after N.A.Izotov) for the early completion of the 9th Five-Year Plan (1971-75), the initiative of V.P.Markin (the "Kochegarka" mine) for the early completion of the 10th Five-Year Plan (1976-80), and others.