"ARTEM-2" (RU: "Артем-2") is the underground mine #2, which has been named after Artem, for the extraction of the high grade iron ores within the Krivoy Rog iron ore basin; it belongs to the mining enterprise, which has been named after S.M.Kirov. The first phase of the enterprise has been commissioned in the 1970. The depth of the development is 955 metres (1981). The mine field is unsealed down to the depth of 775 metres with two inclined shafts (16 degrees), and from the horizon of 775 metres down to the depth of 955 metres with additional inclined shaft (10 degrees). The system of the development is with the sublevel caving, and with the breaking of the ore by the borehole explosive charges. Within the mine, the ore is subjected to the crushing (jaw and cone crushers). The output of the useful minerals onto the surface is performed through the shafts, by the conveyors (the sections with the length of 500 metres); the performance of the each of the major conveyors is 3000 tonnes per hour with the speed of the movement of 3.15 metres per second. On the surface, the ore is crushed at the crushing-screening plant down to the particle size of 10 millimetres, and is shipped to the customers in the form of the sinter ore. The annual productive capacity of the mine is 10 million tonnes.