Arkagalinskoe coal deposit

ARKAGALINSKOE COAL DEPOSIT (RU: Аркагалинское месторождение угля) is the major fuel base of the Magadan province of the RSFSR, at the distance of 700 kilometres to north-west from Magadan, with which it is connected with highways. It is being developed since the 1937. The reserves of coal are 496 million tonnes, including the explored ones 201 million tonnes (1980).

The deposit (the area is approximately 240 square kilometres) stretches for 60 kilometres along the Arkagala river bed and is intersected by its numerous tributaries. There are contained within the productive horizon (up to 22 metres) of the Arkagalinskaya (formation) suite (Cenomanian - Turonian) up to 6 lenticular and splitting depositions of coal of complicated structure, of which 3 have almost universally industrial importance. The prevailing thicknesses are 3-6 metres, up to 30 metres at the individual places. The coal-bearing depositions form two separate asymmetric brachysynclines (Upper Arkagala and Lower Arkagala), which are constituting 2 independent deposits. The bedding of the rocks is complicated by the secondary folding and numerous ruptures.

The coals are mineral (the marks are D and partially G), the heat of combustion is 29.1-32.2 megajoules per kilogram. The extraction of the coal is conducted at the Lower Arkagala area (deposit) with underground mines, at the Upper Arkagala area (deposit) with small open pit mines. The extraction of coal is 2.0 million tonnes (1980). The coals are used for the energetic purposes by the Argaklinskaya GRES (electricity-only thermal power station of condenser type), by the mining-extraction and municipal enterprises of the district.