Areometer for drilling

AREOMETER FOR DRILLING (EN: drilling areometer; DE: Bohrsenkspindel, Bohraraometer; FR: areometre au forage, densimetre de forage; ES: areometros de perforacion; RU: ареометр буровой) is the device for the measurement of the density of the drilling fluid. The action of the areometer for drilling is based on the law of Archimedes.

Areometer for drilling comprises the measuring cylinder with float and calibration sinker, and the compensation chamber with ballast. Areometer is equipped with the scales for the smaller (800-1700 kilograms per cubic metre) and greater (1700-2600 kilograms per cubic metre) values of density, and also with the scale of corrections for the influence of the density of water. The measurement of the density is based on the determination of the mark on the scale, down to which the device with the cylinder, which is filled with the drilling fluid, has submerged into the water. If the device sinks, then they remove the calibration sinker, and determine the density according to the scale of the smaller values. There is taken into account during the counting the correction, which is determined according to the correction scale, with the submersion into the water of the areometer for drilling, the cylinder of which is filled with the same water.