ARENQUE (Arenque; RU: Аренке) is the oil field within the Mexico country. It is situated on the coastal shelf. It belongs to the Gulf of Mexico oil-and-gas-bearing basin. It has been discovered in the 1967, it is developed since the 1970. The initial industrial oil reserves are 141 million tonnes. It is confined to the uplift, which is limited by the fault. The massive reservoir of oil is associated with the Jurassic limestones, and is situated at the depth of 3360-3500 metres. The collector is porous with cracks. The initial reservoir (layer) pressure is 27 megapascals. The density of the oil is 898 kilograms per cubic metre. There are operated the 21 gushing drilled wells, the annual extraction of oil is 1.1 million tonnes, the cumulative extraction is 5.6 million tonnes (1978). There exists the underwater pipeline to the Ciudad Madero city. It is developed by the "Petróleos Mexicanos" national company.