"ARCTICUGOL" (RU: "Арктикуголь") is the trust for the extraction of coal on the Svalbard archipelago of the Ministry of the coal industry of the USSR. It has been created in the 1931. In the 1932, there were developed by the "Arcticugol" the 4 coal deposits with the area of 251 square kilometres; Grumant City, Barentsburg, Boheman Tundra, and Pyramid Mountain.

For the 1982, there belong to the structure of the "Arcticugol" the "Barentsburg" and "Pyramid" underground mines, geological-exploratory expedition, and also the enterprises and organizations on the territory of the USSR. The Barentsburg deposit is confined to the Cenozoic depositions. At the depth of 750 metres, there are embedded two working layers (upper and lower) with usable thickness of 0.6-1.4 metres. The distance between them is 30 metres. The layers are dangerous because of the mine bumps, their angle of dip is from 5 degrees to 15 degrees. The coals are of the mark G, the content of ash is from 5% to 40%. The mine exceeds the categorization because of methane, it is dangerous because of dust. The coal-bearing depositions at the Pyramid Mountain deposit are confined to the Lower Carboniferous, the thickness of which is 150-220 metres. It is situated on the north-western wing of the large synclinal fold. The coal-bearing suite (formation) comprises 4 layers with useful thickness of 0.6-4.5 metres, the angles of dip of which are from 0 degree to 50 degrees. The layers are of complicated structure, with numerous inter-layers of rock. The coals are low-sulfur, of mark G, the content of ash of the coal packs is from 9% to 22%. The mine is of the 1st category because of gas.

The deposits are unsealed with adits. The management of the roof is with the complete collapse. The excavation of the coal within the clearance stopes is performed by the combined cutter-loader machines, its delivery along the long wall stopes is performed by the scraper conveyors, within the chambers by the scraper installations, the transportation of the coal along the major workings is performed by the belt conveyors, the hauling of the coal and rock is performed by the electrical locomotives with rechargeable batteries. There are used for the conducting of the preparatory workings the combined cutter-loader machines, rock-loading machines, scraper installation; for the drilling of holes the drilling electrical rotating installations, perforators with pneumatic supports, columnar and hand-held electrical drills; for the support of the workings the anchored, arched, metallic framed, wooden roof supports.