AQUANITES (EN: aquanites; DE: Aquaniten; FR: aquanites; ES: aguanitas; RU: акваниты) are the ammonium (saltpetre) nitrate explosive substances, which are plasticized by the aqueous gel.

They are used for the cartridge-less mechanized charging of the boreholes and drilled wells, and for the secondary crushing in the mines, which are not hazardous because of the gas or dust. They have been proposed for the first time in the USSR in 1963. They are manufactured by the industry in the two forms: of the plastic mass, which is formed into the cartridges, hoses, or plastic bags; of the granules (tiny scales), which are containing the gelly forming agent, and are plasticized by the water using the method of the spraying during the process of the pneumatic charging. For the producing of the liquid flowing aquanites, which are suitable for the charging into the downward drilled wells by the gravity induced self flowing, or with the help of the injection pumps, the plastic or pasty aquanites of the factory manufactured origin are diluted on the site of the performance of the blasting works by the warmed water in the apparatuses like the mortar mixers, concrete mixers, etc. This process is safe during the compliance with the necessary rules.

For the ensuring of the zero oxygen balance, increase of the density, and physical stabilization of the aquanites, they introduce there the nitrates of the alkali metals; in order to increase the heat of the explosion, they introduce there the aluminium powder; in order to improve the crushing action of the explosion, they introduce there the RDX (hexogen) (Aquanite # 2). The aquanite # 2, which is having the high parameters of the detonation, is used for the crushing of the oversized items, and for the stamping of the metals by the explosion. The aquanite # 16 is produced in the cartridges with the diameter of 32, 90, and 180 millimetres, and in the hoses with the diameter of 32 millimetres. Aquanites are susceptible to the shot of the blasting cap.