Antropov, Petr Yakovlevich

ANTROPOV, PETR YAKOVLEVICH (RU: Антропов, Пётр Яковлевич) is Antropov, Petr Yakovlevichthe Soviet statesman, organizer of the mining industry and geological service within the USSR, the Hero of Socialist Labour (1954). He is the member of the CPSU since 1932. He was the member of the Supreme Council of the USSR within the 1958-62. He has graduated from the Moscow Geological-Explorative Institute (1932). Since 1933, he was the chief engineer, manager of the East Siberian geological-explorative trust; since 1937, he was the head of the "Glavtsinksvinets" (Main Administration for Zinc and Lead) of the Narkomtjazhprom (People's Commission For the Heavy Industry); within the 1939-40, he was the 1st Deputy People's Commissar of the non-ferrous metallurgy of the USSR. Within the 1942-45, he worked within the Governmental Defence Committee of the USSR. Since 1945, he was the Deputy, and since 1950, he was the head of the Main Administration of Geology at the Council of Ministers of the USSR; since 1953, he was the Minister of Geology and Mineral Protection of the USSR; since 1962, he was the Deputy Minister of the Medium Machinery Construction of the USSR.

He is the author of generalizing works on the topics of development and strengthening of the mineral-resource base of the mining industry of the USSR, especially for the fuel-energetic branches of industry. There were developed under the leadership of Antropov the laser gas analyzers for the direct prospecting of the gas and oil fields, for the prediction of earthquakes, for the monitoring of pollution of environment, and so on. He has been awarded with the Lenin Prize (1978); he has been awarded with the State Prize of the USSR (1951).