Antonovskoe mining administration

ANTONOVSKOE MINING ADMINISTRATION (RU: Антоновское рудоуправление) is the mining enterprise for the extraction of quartzites within the Kemerovo province of the RSFSR. It has been formed (1930) on the basis of the Antonovskoe deposit of quartzites, which has been discovered in 1927; later, there have been explored the Mount Brusnichnaya (1944-46, 1966-67), Sopka-248 (1955-59, 1967-69), Pravoberezhnoe (1968) deposits. It belongs to the "Sibruda" productive consortium of the Ministry of the ferrous metallurgy of the USSR. It comprises the open pit mine, crushing-sorting plant, mechanical repair workshop, and so on. The major industrial centre is the Anzhero-Sudzhensk city.

The deposits of quartzites of the Antonovskaya group are situated within the northern spurs of the Kuznetsk Alatau, are confined to the Yaya horst ledge, and are formed with the depositions of the Lower Paleozoic age. The bodies of the quartzites are of the lenticular, or tabular shape, with the thickness of up to 300 metres, and the length of 140-900 metres. The Antonovskoe deposit has been exhausted in 1950, the Mount Brusnichnaya deposit has been exhausted in 1979. There is developed (since 1977) the Sopka-248 deposit. The explored reserves of quartzites are 139 million tonnes (1980). Within the open pit mines (the depth is 40-80 metres), the system of development is the transport one. The loading of the rock is performed with the power shovels, the transportation is performed with the heavy load dump trucks. At the crushing-sorting plant, the quartzites are subjected to the crushing and sorting. The extraction of quartzites is 2.6 million tonnes (1980), the production of marketable products is 1.1 million tonnes. The average monthly productivity of the worker at the extraction of quartzites is 392 tonnes.