Antigrisonousness of explosive substances

The dependence of antigrisonousness on the energetical characteristics of explosive substances

ANTIGRISONOUSNESS OF EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES (EN: antigrisonity, flameproofness, antigrisonousness; DE: Schlagwettersicherheit; FR: capacite antigrisou d'explosifs; ES: capacidad antigrisu de los explosivos; RU: антигризутность) is the property of explosive substances to not ignite the explosive mixtures of combustible mining gases or dust with air during the blasting works within the mining workings (coal, sulfur, oil, and other).

The founders of the thermal theory of antigrisonousness, namely, the French scientists F. Mallar and A. Le Chatelier (the 80ies of the 19th century), proposed to limit the temperature of the explosion of the explosive substances.

The dependence of antigrisonousness on the energetical characteristics of explosive substances

There have brought the great contribution into the development of the theory of antigrisonousness the Soviet scientists K.K. Andreev, A.I. Golbinder, L.V. Dubnov, and French scientist

E.Obider, who, basing on the chain-thermal mechanism of the explosion of mixtures of methane and other hydrocarbons with air, have substantiated the effectivity of the catalytical flame extinguishing by the method of introduction into the composition of explosive substances of the unexplosive salts, namely, of the flame extinguishers (preferably of the chlorides of sodium, potassium, or of the other salts of the alkali metals). With this method, antigrisonousness is provided as the result of the

decreasing of energetical characteristics of explosive substances, and of the overwhelming (inhibitory) activity of the salts onto the chain reactions of oxidation of methane and other hydrocarbons, of the products of gasification of the coal dust and of the other types of combustible dust (Figure). They conduct the testing of explosive substances for the safety of ignition of explosive atmosphere within the experimental drift, which is imitating the mining working. Explosive substances, which are having the antigrisonousness, are named the safety explosive substances.