Anosov, Pavel Petrovich

ANOSOV, PAVEL PETROVICH (RU: Аносов, Павел Петрович) is the Russian scientist. In 1817, P.P.Anosov he has graduated from the Mining cadet corps within the St. Petersburg, and has arrived at the Zlatoust state plants, where he worked for approximately 30 years. In 1847-51, he was the director of the Altai plants. He conducted geological surveys of deposits of the iron ores, gold and minerals within the region of Zlatoust.

He has discovered large depositions of corundum (1832), gold-bearing placer deposits near Miass (1834), deposit of titaniferous iron (1835). He has composed the detailed outline of geological structure of the Zlatoust mining district, and geological cross-section of the Urals from Zlatoust to Miass. In 1826, he has published the "Geognostic observations on the Ural mountains, which are lying within the neighbourhood of the Zlatoust plants". Gold washing machine, which has been invented by him, has been installed at the Miass gold fields, and subsequently has been used within the Yekaterinburg mining district. The activity of Anosov on the study and development of the process of obtainment of the high-quality cast steel has got the worldwide fame. There have been established the prize and stipend named after Anosov(1948).