Andreev, Sergey Efimovich

ANDREEV, SERGEY EFIMOVICH (RU: Андреев, Сергей Ефимович) is tAndreev, Sergey Efimovichhe Soviet scientist in the field of the benefication of minerals, professor (1934), honoured scientist and engineer of the RSFSR (1957). In 1918, he has graduated from the Mining institute within the Petrograd (St. Petersburg) city. He worked there in 1918-64; simultaneously he was the director of MEKHANOBR (RU: МЕХАНОБР) (1922-30). His major works are on the laws of crushing, grinding, sieving (screening), and classification.

He has created the scientific school of thought on the processes of crushing and grinding. He has determined the theoretical foundations for the calculation of the average diameter of the mixture of the mineral grains, and has produced the computational formulas; he has determined the dependencies of the effectiveness of the sieving (screening) of the narrow classes, and of the general effectiveness, with the relative sizes of the grains. There is named after Andreev the equation of the characteristic of the size of the mineral grains. In the 20-ies, under the leadership of Andreev, there have been resolved the major issues of the establishment of the new specialty "The benefication of minerals".