ANAGLYPHS (from the Greek word "anaglyphos", which means "relief" * EN: anaglyphs; DE: Anaglyphen, Anaglyphenraumbilder; FR: anaglyphes, anaglyptes; cartes anaglyptigues; ES: anaglifos; RU: анаглифы) is the method for the obtainment of the three-dimensional images of the objects on the paper, film, and other media, with the help of the colour stereoscopic pairs.

The three-dimensional perception of the object in black and white colour is achieved during the viewing of the stereoscopic pairs with the parallax offset, which are coloured in the turquoise and red colours, through the glasses with the reverse colouring of the appropriate filters (red for viewing turquoise, turquoise for viewing red). They use anaglyphs for the obtainment of the three-dimensional models of the terrain, for the spatial coordination of the network of the mining workings, for the studying of the tectonic disturbances during the design of the mining works, and for the other purposes. Anaglyphs distinguish themselves by the simplicity and convenience, because they do not require the usage of the stereoscopic devices.