Anaconda Co.

"ANACONDA" ("Anaconda Co.") is the mining-extracting company of the USA. It has been founded within the Montana state under the "Anaconda Copper Mining Co." name in 1895, it has been renamed "Anaconda" in 1955, it is the fully controlled subsidiary of the "Atlantic Richfield Co." American oil monopoly since 1977. It extracts bauxites, ores of copper, molybdenum, uranium, silver, and also produces copper, brass, aluminium, molybdenum. It holds the 3rd place in the volume of the production of copper, and the 4th place in the production of aluminium within the USA. The volume of the sales of the company is 2.2 billion dollars.

Economic indicators of the activity of "Anaconda Co."
Indicators 1978 1979 1980
Production, thousand tonnes:
   blister copper 133.9 142.9 96.4
   uranium oxide 2.3 1.7 1.8
   molybdenum 0.7 1.0 0.9
   primary aluminium 250.1 285.8 324.7

"Anaconda" controls 2.5% (193 thousand tonnes) of the productive capacities of the extraction of the copper ores within the industrialized capitalistic and developing countries (1980). The largest "Berkeley" deposit of the ores of copper, which belongs to the company, is located within the Butte region (Montana state), and is developed by the open pit method. The by-products are silver, gold, tellurium, and selenium. In 1980, there have been extracted 36.3 thousand tonnes of the ore (in terms of copper, which is extracted). The scheduled duration of the extraction is 30 years. In 1979, there has been started the underground development of the Carr Fork deposit (Utah state). In 1980, there have been extracted 1.7 thousand tonnes of the metal within the ore. "Anaconda", together with the "AMAX" monopoly, participates in the development within the Arizona state of the Twin Buttes and Palo Verde deposits of the copper ore. The "Anaconda" associated company (48% part of the capital) within Mexico develops the Cananea deposit by the open pit method.

"Anaconda" masters the deposit of the molybdenum ore within the Tonopah region (Nevada state), and performs the construction of the beneficiation plant. The uranium mines of "Anaconda" are located within the Valencia region (New Mexico state). The deposit of the uranium ore has been discovered by "Anaconda" in 1979 within the Jeffrey City region (Wyoming state); its reserves are estimated at 18 thousand tonnes of ore, which is containing 0.23% of the uranium oxide. "Anaconda" receives approximately 40% of alumina, which is consumed, from Jamaica on the basis of the rights of the shared participation, it purchases the remaining part on the basis of the long-term contracts. There belong to the company 15 plants for the production of aluminium (Table). In 1980, the quantity of the employees at the enterprises of "Anaconda" has amounted to 24 thousand.